Our school and instructors

Team of heroes!

Slavcho ski instructor

Slavcho – Chief and former ski istructor (from the last century).
Nicknamed the Man of Tourism.
He will make you the best offer (not necessarily the cheapest :))

Ivo - ski istructor (former professional skier). Extremely patient, he is great with children and if you have ambitions to achieve racing technique - this is the right man.
Bookings - 2 weeks in advance.
Language - Bulgarian.

Ivo ski instructor
Gery ski instructor

Gery – ski instructor. Hurry, the bookings started in the summer. In addition to being a professional, you will also enjoy her sense of humor while learning what discipline is.
She has experience and works great with children over 3 years old.
Language - Bulgarian.

Kiro - snowboard and ski instructor. Graduate of the National Sports Academy, majoring in „Snowboard“.
Bookings - 2 weeks in advance.
Language - Bulgarian, English, Russian.

Kiro ski instructor
Krusti ski instructor

Kutsi - skiing, snowboarding, telemark, cross-country skiing.
He will explain all the small details about everything - if you really want to know
Language - Bulgarian, English, Russian.

Dancho - perfect for beginners. But his true strength is freeriding.
He is also a mountain guide with many years of experience.
Language - Bulgarian, English, Russian, German.

Jordan ski instructor
Mia ski instructor

Mia (Maria) is a ski and snowboard instructor. From beginners to racing technique.
Language - Bulgarian, English, Russian.

Valeri - will eventually welcome you with a smile in the ski store.
You can count on him to repair your ski and snowboard equipment.
Ski Instructor in special situations, Mountain Guide and Borovets Encyclopedia.
Language - universal.

Valeri ski instructor
Daiana ski instructor

Diana - our newest addition She is alpine skier and could teach perfect carving turns skiing technique, she is also awesome with children.
Language - Bulgarian.

Season 2020-2021

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and groups
картинка ниво на трудност

Difficulty levels:
all :)
картинка езици

Bulgarian, English, Russian

Prices for individual ski and snowboard lessons

1 to 3 people

Hours per day 1 person 2 people 3 people
1 hour 60 BGN 95 BGN 110 BGN
2 hours 100 BGN 145 BGN 175 BGN
4 hours 165 BGN 220 BGN 265 BGN

Ski and snowboard packages for groups of 5 to 10 people

Prices include:

Time Price for adults Price for children
/ up to 14 years old/
1 day 135 BGN 90 BGN
2 days 220 BGN 155 BGN
3 days 310 BGN 220 BGN
* To book group lessons, please contact us.