Ski & Snowboard School. Equipment for rent

картинка начална страница картинка начална страница картинка начална страница картинка начална страница

Choose us! Why?

From where we’ve started and where are we now ...

картинка човече на път

Not only are we pretty cool (and we really are :)), but we're also a team of professionals.

It all started back in 2004. Chamkoria Ski School is created by national alpine skiing athletes. And like most successful endeavors, we started from a garage. Or rather, a shed.

With a lot of enthusiasm, very positive attitude, and of course long team bonding nights, we now have spacious premises, a wide selection of equipment, and an experienced team of instructors.

In our place you can find full ski and snowboard equipment, special equipment for walking, cross-country skiing, sledding and tobogganing. Only here you can hire the best guide for a walk through the snowy trails of the Rila Mountains.

Chamkoria Ski School is a member of the Bulgarian Professional Ski Instructors Association with license №22 and also a member of the Bulgarian Association of Ski Schools.

Still wondering why winter sports?

Let us help you

with a few advantages beyond the benefits of the sport itself
  • Enjoy incredible views
  • You make your lungs happy
  • In the evening you can have more than 1 drink without being punished by a headache in the morning :)
  • You have the opportunity to show off with your new ultra funky equipment
  • You can share the winter sports with your beloved and friends, or be alone and enjoy yourself in the snow

Useful information

Why to love Borovets
  • Because we are in Borovets
  • Because our snow is whiter and softer
  • Where else you could have a drink after running down a ski slope and still be a hand away from Musala Peak
And also
  • There are 27 ski slopes and tracks in Borovets with a total length of
    58 km for all levels of enthusiasm
  • There are 7 drag lifts, and those who do not get along with drag lifts, can enjoy the 4 chair lifts, and do not forget our pride - the cabin lift with a direct connection to Yastrebets peak
Here you can see the weather and webcams in Borovets
картинка природа

And don't forget!

Take care of nature!